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After hearing rave reviews of Via 313 for months on months now, I finally made a long overdo visit to the pizza trailer during a recent visit night out. To be honest, as a Neapolitan pizza girl at heart, thick, deep dish style pies don’t normally call my name. However, maybe it was the crunchy cheese crisped along the edges of its pizza, but I must admit Via 313’s Detroit-style pie lived up to the hype.

The Herbivore - $12

The Herbivore – $12

Not unlike a Sicilian-style pizza slice, Detroit-style is a rectangular pizza with a thick crust oven cooked in a metal pan and cut into squares. Toppings are layered in reverse order, starting with meat or veggies and finished with a thick layer of red sauce painted across the top. In this case, Via 313’s freshly crushed red sauce is robust and hearty, with plenty of flavor to stand up to the pie’s thick crust. Though the pizza’s crust is about an inch or two thick, it is surprisingly lighter than expected and manages to garner a slight toasted crunch while cooking.

Because the crust’s sponginess allows it to soak up the flavors released by the various ingredients as they cook, the pizza is an ideal vehicle for a plethora of toppings – greasier the better. Given that this was my first dance with Detroit-style pizza, I failed to recognize this concept and went with a somewhat healthier vegetarian pizza, which proved a total rookie mistake.

Don’t get me wrong; I was plenty happy with the Herbivore pie, but Detroit is apparently meant for meat lovers. Thus, I was totally out Whataburgered by my friend’s Carnivore pizza topped with pepperoni, ham, sausage, bacon, and plenty of greasy goodness.

The Carnivore - $14

The Carnivore – $14

These pizzas are billed as personal pies with four slices per order, but these pies can easily be shared. Prices range from $11-$16 per pie. Visit Via 313 at Violet Crown at 1111 East 6th Street or Craft Pride at 61 Rainey Street.

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