After one of my best friends and foodie-in-crime Maggie of www.maggiesaustin.com made the leap from Austin to New York City, she encouraged me to carry on her blogging tradition, and after a small amount of prodding, I have agreed.  So, for you loyal Maggie’s Austin followers, consider me a permanent guest blogger/stand in while Mag’s in the Big Apple, and for you newcomers, I hope you can share in my admiration and passion for all things Austin, Food, and Music.

Truly, my happiest moments generally involve indulging in great conversation and my three favorite food groups (i.e., wine, bread, and cheese) with good friends, whether that be at a favorite local restaurant or at home. Primarily this site will focus on food, but also I want this blog to serve as a one-stop shop to plan a lunch with a friend, hear about a weekend show, or learn about a great happy hour to try.

One of the things I love the most about Austin is there is seemingly a never ending list of places to go and events to experience.  But, let’s face it; with so many things happening all the time, it can be a little bit of sensory overload!  Hopefully, I can ease the decision process for you and help with a new idea of something fun to do around town.

Additionally, as a self proclaimed foodie, one of my hobbies is cooking.  I am extremely fortunate to come from generations of skilled home chefs whose kitchens smell of fresh baked bread and herbs that come out of the garden in the backyard.  One of my favorite ways to cook is to recreate a meal inspired by a fabulous dish enjoyed at a restaurant in a more simplistic, healthier way.  Because while I might want to eat fine dining every night, my budget (and waistline) necessitate a better option, namely home cooking!  So I will share a weekly cooking idea on the blog, and I most certainly welcome recipes to try as well!  

Hope you will enjoy the site, and as a novice to the blog –o- sphere, I welcome any suggestions/comments/feedback – my email is ginnysaustin@yahoo.com.  Thanks for reading!

– Ginny Bell