ACL Band of the Day: Black Lips

The Atlanta-based Black Lips first made waves in Austin during 2007’s SXSW as one of the most buzzed about bands during the festival. Loud, gritty, and rebellious, the Black Lips were a sharp contrast to the rising electro-pop/rock trend gaining momentum at the time. Specifically, the band’s gritty garage punk rock sound, laced with lo-fi elements and 60s and 70s counterculture rock influences, relies more on guitar riffs than neon lights. Like any good rock band, the Black Lips on stage antics have sometimes overshadowed their music. However, the band’s most recent tour in support of their new (and fantastic) album Arabia Mountain has garnered headlines for a much different reason. The Black Lips are currently on tour throughout the Middle East, despite the particularly contentious political climate. The band’s decision to move ahead with their scheduled tour dates even after recent events further splintered relations between the US and many Middle Eastern countries was based on the hope that in some way their shows could serve as a bit of a middle ground. Returning to the United States just in time for Friday of ACL, the Black Lips are a not to miss band during the festival.

Black Lips play Austin City Limits on Friday, October 12 at 6:15 PM on the Austin Ventures stage.

Check out their new single Family Tree below.

Family Tree – Black Lips

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