Alamo Drafthouse to Show Presidential Debates

Pardon the ACL coverage interruption: Today is the last day to register to VOTE in the upcoming November 6 elections. Meaning, it is time to drop what you’re doing and take five minutes to get yourself registered before its too late!

Though many feel their singular vote doesn’t matter in a non-swing state such as Texas, those votes certainly do count in down ballot races! And, besides, who doesn’t like getting to press buttons and free stickers? Remember: It’s hard to have your voice heard if you don’t use it in the first place! Make sure what you believe matters by REGISTERING TO VOTE today!

Registering is easy; just visit one of the sites listed below to get registered before it’s too late.

Rock The Vote registration page 

Travis County Voter Registration 

Secretary of State 

Need help deciding whom to vote for? Join Alamo Drafthouse for a special airing of the upcoming Presidential Debates! In exchange for a $5 food and drink voucher, Alamo Drafthouse invites you to join in watching President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney engage in a war of words. As an added bonus, the Draftouse will feature each candidate’s favorite food as the evening’s special menu items.

Choose either President Obama’s beer and apple pie combo or Gov. Romney’s cheeseless pizza. (Independent voters should feel welcome to order both options.) No word if the beer will be the special White House blend

Tickets for the October 16 Debate are on sale now! More information can be found here. 




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