Austin Dining Guide: Best Pizzas in Austin

As a member of the Austin Food Bloggers Alliance, I am joining a team of fellow foodies in creating a City Wide Dining Guide detailing the best of the best Austin has to offer. Is there really anything better than pizza? Any genre of food which combines cheese, bread, and tomatoes is worth celebrating in my world. Building a perfect pizza is all about the crust, whether that be thin and crisp or thick and pillowy. No matter your personal preference, Austin’s pizza purveyors have the bases covered.

Bola Pizza – Austinites have had a reason to get up early on Saturday mornings ever since Bola Pizza set up shop at the downtown Sustainable Food Center farmer’s market. From the dough to the toppings, Bola Pizza puts TLC into each and every pie. The dough undergoes a special three day fermentation process before being layered with inventive combinations of the freshest ingredients. Cooked to perfection on wood fire oven imported from the Motherland, Bola’s trademark crust is chewy on the inside with a crispy char on the outside. Whether it’s a simple pizza like the ‘Polka Dot’ topped with mozzarella, fried sage, and tomatoes or the fancier Bolognese, Bola Pizzas are hard to beat. As for those earlier risers, they get first bite at one of Bola’s famed breakfast pies generously topped with seasonal produce, meats, and farm fresh eggs. Bola Pizza is available by private event catering or at the SFC Farmer’s Market at Republic Square Park every Saturday from 9am-1pm. Additionally, Bola Pizza recently released a line of frozen pies available at various locations around Austin.

Bola Pizza


Homeslice Pizza – Homeslice serves the very best New York City style pizza in Austin. Hand tossed dough is sauced and topped before baking to perfection. The crust has a nice outer crunch yet still chewy inside. Their large custom pies are always brimming with a plentiful amount of toppings. The Margarita is a bit lackluster but the sausage, red pepper, and ricotta pie ($18) is outstanding. Aside from pizza, Homeslice also features one of the best Greek salads in Austin, especially when served with a few extra garlic knots.  The owners ensure the highest quality pies by taking the team on yearly trips to the Big Apple to learn new techniques and make sure the Homeslice pizza is as authentic as possible. Homeslice is one of those places that no matter when you go there is always a wait, but it’s worth it every time.

Homeslice Pizza. 1415 S Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78704-2434. (512) 444-7437.



Backspace – Nestled on a corner of 6th Street known more for bars than fine dining, Backspace is a refreshing escape from downtown’s hustle and bustle. Its quaint dining space is both comfortable and romantic making it a perfect spot for a date or place to regroup before a night on the town. Candlelight tables surround a cozy open kitchen where Backspace’s team carefully creates one glorious pizza after another. Like the space, Backspace’s menu is wonderfully simple and approachable, consisting primarily of antipasti, salads, and Neopalitian pizzas. Despite the downtown location and upscale feel, Backspace’s price points are surprisingly reasonable as well, with most pies priced between $9-$15. In fact, the only thing absurdly fancy about Backspace is its amazingly authentic pizza oven. The restaurant’s crown jewel was custom built in Naples and is the only of its kind in Austin. Needless to say, it’s one investment paying off quite nicely.

Backspace. 507 San Jacinto Austin Texas 78701 phone:512-474-9899.



House Pizzeria – Somehow Formica booths feel cozy at House Pizzeria, thanks in part to exceptional service and a killer jukebox. The daily menu features ten pizzas, each topped with no more than five topping combinations. House Pizzeria’s ingredients are almost exclusively sourced locally, and the freshness of toppings shines through in the pizza.

House Pizzeria. 5111 Airport Blvd, Austin, TX 78751. 512.600.4999.

House Pizzeria

East Side Pies – East Side Pies is a long standing favorite of thin crust aficionados. With its cracker thin and crisp crunch and plentiful amount of topping combinations, it is easy to see why. East Side Pies’ menu has over 30 custom pies ranging from classic to unconventional. While the crust is thin, the slices are large and filling.

East Side Pies. 2 Locations: 1401 Rosewood Avenue  Austin, TX 78702. (512) 524-0933. &  5312 Airport Blvd., Austin, TX 78751. (512) 454-7437.

East Side Pies

Salvation Pizza – Salvation Pizza in Central Austin is known for its outstanding thin crusted Napoletena pizzas. The crust is consistently crispy and crunchy, although occasionally a bit over charred at times. The house tomato sauce is robust with a hint of spice. The white pies, especially #9 topped with clams, lemon, and bacon, are excellent picks. Beyond their delicious pies, Salvation Pizza is also home to one of Austin’s best lunch specials where $5.99 buys two slices of pizza, a small salad, and drink.

Salvation Pizza. 624 West 34th Street, Austin, TX 78705. 512.535.0076.

Spartan Pizza – Inspired by the Greek gods, the Spartan Pizza trailer serves up delicious New York style pizza mere mortals can afford. Spartan Pizza’s secret sauce originates from the unique custom bread turned pizza oven which turns out pies with pillowy yet firm crusts. The trailer is outfitted with a refurbished antique Blogdett bread oven outfitted with pizza stones, which is perfect for baking Spartan’s overnight dough. Prices range from $8.50 for regulars and $14.50 for larges, making Spartan an affordable and tasty pizza spot.

Spartan Pizza . 1106 east Waller, Austin, TX 78702. 512.484.0798.


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15 comments to Austin Dining Guide: Best Pizzas in Austin

  • Bill Wilson

    This is a nice list overall, but honestly any list of the best of Austin’s pizza places that doesn’t include Via 313 Pizza and their amazing crust and cheese combo on East 6th is a serious mistake. Not to be missed.

    • Ginny

      I sadly haven’t tried Via 313, but I’m already sold! I’m going to try it very soon. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • I agree 100% with Bill. Via 313 is enlightening. I’m so happy to see you got Bola and House on this list, my two personal favorites. Via 313 is nothing like these, and it is definitely on the same playing field.

  • Great to see some of my favorites on this list, and I’m looking forward to trying Via 313 as well!

  • Diana

    You’ve definitely hit the high points, but you’ve missed one. Little Deli in Crestview has an amazing pie that rivals the likes of Homeslice any day.

  • Have you had Enoteca Vespaio’s pizza? In my opinion, best pizza in Austin, their crust is out of this world!

  • I like many of these, but also would add Sagra, which I think has the best pizza in Austin, (well, tied with Homeslice). I agree that Little Deli has good pizza, too.

  • I drive 70+ plus miles when I get a craving for good pizza, and Eastside Pies is worth every Godfather-soundtrack-blaring turn of the tires. Great list including many of the best in town–and I’m looking forward to trying a few of the new suggestions, too!

  • I want to eat that Backspace pizza off my screen!

  • great list Ginny! I was just having a conversation last night about best pizza in Austin. I think your list plus the ones in the remarks are a good list to search from.

  • So happy to see House Pizzeria on that list, it’s fabulous!

  • Not many people know about Little Deli on Woodrow Ave in Crestview Neighborhood. Their pizza is NJ/NY style on the thin side. Frankly it’s the best authentic pizza I have found here in Austin.

  • JB

    I’m an east coast guy who grew up in NJ and worked in NY and Philly. I honestly believe that my pizza palate is optimal. I love living in Austin, and I think the food scene here is just outstanding when compared to my northeast roots, but when it comes to pizza it is not a contest.

    I will admit to having moments at Saccones and Home Slice where I thought that this pizza is better than average, even in NJ/NYC/PHILLY. I have had pizza here that I thought would rate as a 6 out of 10 back east. But then I go back east, and have pizza that I always thought was average, and it’s 3 times as good as the best in Austin.

    For the visitor, don’t pursue pizza here. There is nothing that is better than average. For the local, there are some places that don’t suck:

    Homeslice is the choice for many. Aside from their weak (tastes skim) cheese and cornmeal enhanced crust, it’s not bad. Nice crisp, good toppings (other than cheese) and a sauce that doesn’t offend.

    Little Deli is an offbeat place in the middle of town. Their whole pies tend to be undercooked, and their sauce is not very good. But when you buy by the slice the crust comes alive, the cheese and toppings are solid, and it’s all good enough to account for the unremarkable sauce.

    Saccones claims to have Jersey style pizza, and they come close. The sauce, cheese, and toppings all taste of home. And(!) they even have pork roll (aka Taylor Ham) on the menu, but the crust is a total miss. The oven is one of those clear glass, rotating ovens. It just doesn’t work, I’m sorry to say. I have asked to have the finish the pie well done, but it only seems to brown the top while leaving the bottom less than complete.

    East Side: Cracker crispy, which is interesting, and not really offensive, but not really pizza either. They have a very odd sausage that has the consistency of ground beef and is very light on the fennel (if at all).

    Nikki’s: I never see Nikki’s in any of these threads, but they put out a pretty good product. The sauce and toppings are on point even if the cheese and crust are average at best. They even have a real menu, where you can get a slice, or a calzone, or a chicken parm (tasty, but light on the chicken). I like the place.

    Salvation: They put out a pie that doesn’t have bad crust, or bad sauce, or bad cheese, or bad toppings……but there is nothing great about it either. By Austin pizza standards it’s not a bad pie, but…’s not a good pie either.

    NoRTH in the Domain: Because it is sort of gourmet/artisan style I give it some leeway. Nothing about it hits my east coast roots, but I did enjoy it. It’s a good pizza, even if it doesn’t remind you of good pizza.

    Brooklyn Pie: Total misnomer. The best pizza I have had was in Brooklyn, and this pizza doesn’t taste anything like that.

    Austin Pizza: I have had it. I can’t even remember it. Maybe it was frozen.

  • Sandra

    Just a slight correction: EastSide Pies has three locations, the two mentioned and our newest location on W. Anderson Lane, east of Burnet. Most of our pizzas are locally sourced, and we work with lots of local farmers as well as help them the promote their CSA’s on every to-go box we send out.

  • tsb

    At the recommendation of this and other postings, I just tried Saccones at 620 near Anderson Mill.

    Bleh. In case that was too subtle: it was NOT good. The cheese separated during cooking instead of melting, leaving so much oil that the crust was thoroughly soggy. Folding made no difference–I still had to eat it with a spoon as the pizza had the texture of macaroni & cheese. Even though it was disgusting for a pizza, the flavor was nice.

    Nikki’s still seems to be the best for thin-crust. But still, nothing is nearly as satisfying as a Conan’s Savage deep-dish on whole-wheat. That’s a pie!