Band of the Day, Part I: The Lumineers

To start Monday off on a bit of a musical note, pun intended, is the first of two ‘Band of the Day’ picks. The Lumineers are just one more reason to count down the days until October’s Austin City Limits music fest. One listen to the Denver, CO based band’s debut album, and it is hard not to be instantly addicted to their folksy sound. With their first single ‘Hey Ho’ already featured on a Bing advertisement and middling CW show, the three man folk band is destined for inventible mainstream success. Despite this obvious commercial appeal, The Lumineers are much more than a formulaic record label indie rock band. Their self-titled debut album is a well balanced mixed with heartbreaking, honest ballads and catchy anthems. Songs like ‘Dead Sea’ are filled with Americana storytelling at its finest, telling tales of heading West in search of a better life after being scorned by hard knock life in the Big City or memories of lost love. Melancholy moments on tracks like ‘Slow It Down’ are juxtaposed against catchy anthems like ‘Classy Girls’ complete with a hook proclaiming ‘classy girls don’t kiss in bars like this’. Unquestionably, the Americana/folk music genre recent renewed popularity favors bands like The Lumineers, but the trio stands out in a crowded field.

Flowers in Her Hair – The Lumineers

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