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With its glamorous, eclectic décor, warm service, and access to free flowing wine, spending Sunday brunch at La V is a must, especially when there is something to celebrate. Since La V falls into the higher end category of restaurants in Austin, visiting during brunch is a great way to sample goods on a smaller budget, especially with their recently added $12 bottle of rosé brunch special. And while the rosé special might have coax you in the door, it’s everything else – from the service to the food – that will entice a return visit, as proven by a recent leisurely Sunday spent at the east side restaurant.

Brioche Donuts - $11

Brioche Donuts – $11

Our meal started and finished on a high note, bookended by two ridiculous orders of La V’s brioche donuts. Light and airy on the inside and coated in cinnamon sugar on the outside, the donuts are perfection. Though the donuts, created from twice-proofed brioche, hardly need any help, La V ups the anti by serving them with a freshly made berry jam and vanilla bean pastry cream dipping sauce on the side.

The straightforward presentation of three high quality cheeses, fig preserves and crackers was another winning way to start the meal. I am not the hugest fan of soft, pungent cheeses, so I was pleasantly surprised to find La V’s plate offered a selection of three crowd pleasing yet interesting cheeses rather than sticking to an all-French lineup.

Cheese Plate - $12

Cheese Plate – $12

The roasted chicken tartine featured a thick slice of toast topped with aged cheddar, a fried egg, and creamy veloute sauce. A Provençal spin of the classic Southern ‘hot brown’ sandwich, the dish was full of flavor and comfort, thanks largely to the delicious, juicy chicken. The steak and eggs dish was equally as filling and successful, featuring a perfectly cooked steak surrounded by thick, salty potatoes and topped with an egg.

Chicken Tartine - $15

Chicken Tartine – $15

Steak & Eggs - $26

Steak & Eggs – $26

For something on the lighter side, I recommend ordering the fennel smoked salmon. Served with all the traditional accouterments, the dish was harmonious union of simplicity and quality.

Smoked Salmon - $15

Smoked Salmon – $15

Meanwhile, the crab, asparagus and herb frittata, though fluffy and well executed, was a bit underwhelming, failing to deliver on the dish’s promised seafood flavor. The same could not be said for the shrimp and grits, however. The combination of beautifully cooked prawns, silky grits, poached eggs, and spicy tomatoes was outstanding.

Crab & Asparagus Frittata - $19

Crab & Asparagus Frittata – $19

Shrimp & Grits - $17

Shrimp & Grits – $17

A macaroon girl through and through, I had high hopes for the laVender Earl Grey tea macaroons. Alas, the cookie was a bit too dense for my liking while the salted caramel filling was a bit of a shoulder shrug. Nevertheless, the second round of donuts arrived just in time to fill whatever sweet tooth craving remained.


Ladies Who Brunch

Visit La V at 1501 East 7th Street, Austin, TX 78702. 512.391.1888. Dinner Tuesday through Saturday beginning at 5pm, Brunch Sundays 11AM-2:30PM. $$$$

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