First Look: Daruma Ramen

That slurping you hear is the sound of pure happiness coming from the newly opened Daruma Ramen. After a soft launch last week, Daruma Ramen officially opened its doors on this past Tuesday. The latest project from the owners of popular Kome Sushi, Daruma Ramen joins Ramen Tatsuya and Michi Ramen as the latest restaurant celebrating the humble yet addictive Japanese noodle dish.


Shoyu Ramen - $9

Shoyu Ramen – $9

Though it might be the new kid on the block, Daruma’s bowls of ramen taste anything but amateur. The Shoyu Ramen, for example, features a chewy, tender noodles swimming in a dashi seafood stock and chicken broth topped with chicken and vegetables. The warm broth, brimming with subtle, comforting umami flavor, is hard to quit eating, despite long past entering a full on food coma. Made partially with tapioca, Daruma’s noodles keep a nice al dente texture even as they continue to simmer in the broth. However, the preverbal cherry on top, a soy flavored hardboiled egg, was hands down the dish’s best component. Overall, an outstanding dish, especially considering how fresh on the scene Daruma is to Austin.

Currently, Daruma’s menu includes a handful of options using a chicken based approach to the all-important ramen broth. This makes for a significantly lighter style of ramen than others around town, which is something that bodes well for Daruma as we quickly approach those notoriously hot summer months. In addition, Daruma has managed to unlock the secret to a vegetarian ramen by creating this untraditional version using a combination of fruit and vegetables. Daruma also has plans to expand its menu to include sides and more in the near future.

Expect seats to fill up quite fast at the petite new eatery once word slips out about Daruma’s comforting bowls of savory deliciousness. To preserve the integrity of the ramen, Daruma does not plan on offering take out, but service moves quicker than the average deliveryman anyways.

Daruma Ramen, 612-B East 6th Street, Austin, TX 78702. 512.369.3897.

Daruma Ramen Menu

Daruma Ramen Menu

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