Dish of the Day, Red River Shoot Out Edition

Today’s dish of the day is none other than the famed Fletcher’s Corn Dog from the State Fair of Texas in Dallas. After learning Austin City Limits and the Texas/OU Red River Shootout would overlap this year, there was only a moment’s pause in in my decision to forgo Dallas in lieu of staying in Austin. Though I wish I could pretend my hesitation was regarding missing the football matchup, it was completely and 100% based on missing out on this glorious golden fried treat captured below. The famed Texas State Fair (aka the fried food capital of Texas) is well known for offering a plethora of unusual fried delicacies each year. This year’s featured items include deep fried jambalaya, fried bacon cinnamon rolls, and fried sugar cubes. However, no fried food compares to the one and only Fletcher’s corn dog.Topped with copious amounts of ketchup and yellow mustard and paired with a cold beer, a Fletcher’s corn dog is game day food at its finest.


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