Drink of the Day: Elizabeth Street Cafe

Following a Friday night enjoyed to its full potential and an early Saturday morning spent moving, we escaped to Elizabeth Street Café for a much needed relaxing lunch. With legs too tired to wait for a table, we beelined it to take advantage of the bar’s open seating. While pursuing the menu it was hard not to notice the sriracha-filled concoction being whipped up behind the bar. Our bartender informed us the drink in question was Elizabeth Street’s beer punch. After watching him chop, measure, and season said drink with increasing mouthwatering curiosity, we put aside a previously hatched plan to continue our day of productivity by avoiding afternoon beers. The punch proved to be worth breaking that promise as its healing properties washed away Friday night’s headaches as well as morning’s move. Along with the daily selection of draft beer, the punch features a blend of soy sauce, ginger, lime juice, garlic, chili pepper flakes, pepper, and sriracha. Fans of Micheladas will enjoy this Asian-fusion spin on the classic Mexican cerveza preparada. With an ingredient list including both chili pepper flakes and sriracha, this drink hotter than July in Austin, but each pitcher comes with a cocktail sieve to help control the amount of heat in each glass. Each pitcher is $16 and easily pours 3-4 glasses. Beer punch and bahn mis, what more does one need in life?

Beer Punch – $10

Elizabeth Street Café, 1501 South First Street, Austin, Texas 78704. 512.291.2881. Open daily from 7 am until late. http://elizabethstreetcafe.com/

Nothing wrong with an old fashion Coca-Cola…until it’s trumped by beer punch.

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