Drink of the Day, National Margarita Day Edition: El Meson

Saturday, February 22 is officially National Margarita Day, which, of course, is something Austinites typically celebrate every day. In honor of all things tequila and lime, today’s drink of the day comes from one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, El Meson. El Meson, mentioned here, is home to some of the best interior Mexican dishes in Austin, especially given their wallet friendly prices. In addition, El Meson has also always had a respectable margarita program, thanks in large part to the restaurant’s use of fresh ingredients over premade mixes.

However, the South Lamar restaurant upped the ante in recent months by expanding their list to include both traditional and modern mezcal and tequila-based cocktail offerings. I couldn’t get enough of one of these additions, the mezcal-based El Fresa, during my last visit to the restaurant. The well-balanced combination of sweet muddled strawberries and balsamic vinegar against the smoky mezcal and peppery basil is fantastic. Though not exactly a traditional margarita per say, it’s a drink that needs no reason to enjoy.


El Fresa at El Meson

El Fresa at El Meson

El Meson South Lamar, 2038 South Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX 78704. 512.442.4441.

Looking for more? Here are a few other spots that boast standout margaritas:

Texas Chili Parlor – Despite with this blog has led you to believe, the Texas Chili Parlor does actually serve other cocktails besides the infamous Drew Drink. The TCP’s deadly margarita, made entirely of fresh squeezed limes, triple sec, and tequila, might just be the best $5.00 you’ll spend all Saturday. 1409 Lavaca Street. 

El Naranjo – Mentioned here, El Naranjo’s broad selection of tequila offerings, combined to the restaurant’s commitment to quality, makes these margaritas exceptional. A little on the pricier side, but well worth it. 85 Rainey Street.

Curra’s – They are a bit of a gut check, but Curra’s gets points for their famed avocado margarita. A cult favorite, the tangy margarita has a thick smoothie like consistency, but can still pack a punch. 614 E Oltorf Street. 

La Condesa – Like El Naranjo, La Condesa’s margaritas are a little fancier than some, but their interpretation of the classic is money well spent. No bottled sweeteners here – La Condesa makes their margs from El Jimador Blanco tequila, orange liqueur, agave and ample lime. 400 W 2nd Street.

Takoba – I’m not sure if it’s the actual margarita or the atmosphere that makes Takabo a top pick, but either way, sipping a habanero-mango margarita in Takoba’s backyard is not a bad way to spend a Saturday. 1610 East 7th.  


Matt’s El Rancho – Between the Bob Armstrong Dip and Chili Rellanos, no one does Tex-Mex quite like Matt’s El Rancho, and this applies to their margaritas as well. 2613 South Lamar. 

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