Drink/Dish of the Day: Contigo Austin

Ailed by cabin fever from the recent rainy weather, we headed east to be cured by Contigo’s crafty cocktails and comfort eats. While the evening was full of tasty dishes, two standouts inspire today’s dual dish and drink of the day.

Although my summertime drink of choice is usually a Moscow Mule, my wise waiter encouraged me to go out of the box and try the Fredericksburg Crush.  Between the seasonal, sweet peaches and aromatic rosemary it made for a refreshing and inventive cocktail I highly recommend sampling.

Fredericksburg Crush – $9

As for the gold medal winner of the evening, Contigo’s daily sausage special featuring bacon was the hands down favorite. While bacon and sausage hardly rank on my list of top foods, our waiter touted it as a dish too good to pass up. After such a glowing recommendation we decided the only possible recourse was to order it as an extra shared entrée. To say this was a wise move is a blatant understatement because it was outstanding.

Daily Sausage Special – $10

While these two items were the evening’s standouts, we were hardly disappointed by our other dishes. An order of pigs in a blanket started the meal on a high night as they were as delicious as ever.  As usual, the order featured three flavorful sausages wrapped in pillowy dough and a house made spicy mustard dipping sauce. The Asian infused mussels were full of subtle flavors from a broth good enough to drink. Contigo’s burger once again proved why it continually lands in on this blog’s list of favorite burgers in town. A tomato, black eyed pea, and quinoa salad served with fresh goat’s ricotta was light yet hearty. Service throughout the night was arguably the best I have had at the restaurant as our waiter was funny, engaging, and full helpful recommendations.  Overall, this experience proved that after almost a year and a half in Austin, Contigo continues to consistently improve and impress with each visit.

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Contigo Austin. 2707 Anchor Lane, Austin, TX 78732. 512.614.2260. Open daily from 5pm-midnight. Sunday brunch from 10:30am-2:30pm.

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1 comment to Drink/Dish of the Day: Contigo Austin

  • I usually drink the Moscow Mule, too, but that Fredericksburg Crush looks fantastic! Will definitely try it next time. Great blog!