Foodie Find: Galveston County Salt


Time now to introduce a new weekly post highlighting a local favorite foodie product I’ve recently discovered. During a trip to California a few years back I picked up a few versions of grey salt from Chef Michael Chiarello’s NapaStyle Shop. This seemingly wonderful idea to buy large packetsof salt certainly made airport security interesting. TSA hassles aside, my new purchasespurred a new affinity for experimenting with different types of salt in mycooking.


While eating at Houston’s extraordinary Underbelly restaurant,I asked our waiter about the salt used to season a beef Carpaccio dish. To my surprise it turns out the salt in question was none other than Jurassic Galveston County Salt. It’s only natural using indigenous salts would be the next obvious locavore choice, and our proximity to the Texas Gulf areas makes this next step easy.

Galveston County Salt


It wasn’t long until this Galveston specialty made an appearance in my growing collection after being introduced over dinner. For $4 a pop, it is a bit pricier than your average grocery store table salt, but a very little bit goes along way. In my limited experimentations with the salt, I have found it to be light and extremely flavorful, making it a nice finishing salt. Its thick granules also hold up well under heat and are perfect for seasoning asimple dish like broiled Gulf fish. I sprinkled potatoes before making ovenbaked fries and found it added an unexpected salty crunch.


After a bit of searching, I discovered Galveston County Salt is available at Houston’s local farmers markets and specialty grocery Revival Market. I have yet to locate it in Austin quite yet, but Revival Market can bereached at 713.880.8463 in the meantime. 


Galveston County Salt


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