July Friday Faves , Part IV

Drink of the Day
sparkling red
Though I pretty much enjoy a glass of red wine no matter how hot it gets outside, come late summer, I start to reach my limit. While a glass of rose or a good craft beer make for a solid alternative, I can never fully shake my hankering for glass of red. I found an answer to my dilemma recently at East End Wines via a delicious bottle of sparkling Shiraz. The Chook Sparkling Shiraz NV is a smooth, well-balanced blend of mainly 3-5 year old Shiraz grapes. The Australian wine is blended with a younger vintage Shiraz, which gives it a rich layer of juicy red fruit without being too sweet. Easy to drink but rich enough to stand up to hearty, spicier dishes. Pick a bottle up of the Chook Sparkling Shiraz NV ($18) at East End Wines, located at 1209 Rosewood, Austin, TX 78702.
the chook

Quesoff IV at the Mohawk Saturday, July 19 from 2-6pm

Mentioned here, the Quesoff IV features over 20 teams in four categories vying for to be named the big cheese of the competition. And, with the addition of this year’s new wild card category, expect the unexpected. Other categories include veggie, meat, and spicy. With each team cooking up at least 5 quarts per entry, there will be more than enough queso to go around, which means the real winner of the competition is you, the taster. Bags of chips for tasting will be available for purchase at $5/bag. See you there!

It’s Go Texan Week Y’all – July 21-27

We Texans have no shortage of things to be proud of, not the least of which is our amazing community of farmers, ranchers, growers and producers across the state. The GoTexan campaign is a State of Texas initiative designed to support products created from Texas ingredients and produced in the state (you have most likely seen the label at your local grocery store). In addition to that component of the campaign, each year, the restaurants across the state join together to celebrate GoTexan Week as a way to highlight their local suppliers and give back at the same time. Participating restaurants, found here, will do this by serving a special GoTexan menu beginning July 21 through July 27. More details can be found here.

Uber + National Ice Cream Day

Monday is National Ice Cream Day, but why wait until Monday to eat some delicious frozen treats? Uber Austin is delivering Ice Cream Treats around Austin today from 11AM-5PM. Just download their app and choose the ice cream feature to enjoy some goodness in no time. You will be the office hero in no time! Cost is $20/5 treats.

Links to Love

One of my favorite fellow food bloggers and pop-up dinner chef extraordinaire, The Scrumptious Chef, left our fair city not so long ago. However, as a parting gift, he relocated to New Orleans, LA where he now lets us live vicariously through his writing as he discovers the best poboys and bowls of gumbo. Keep up with his new adventures here.

Song of the Day

Today’s Summer Song of the Day is Cheap Sunglasses by indie ectropop group Remix Artist Collective (RAC). It’s an easy listening, lake-friendly song that can’t help but put you in a good mood. In addition to this single, I can’t stop listening to RAC’s latest release Strangers, which hands down one of my favorites of the year. Listen to Cheap Sunglasses below and check out more of RAC here!

RAC featuring Matthew Korma – Cheap Sunglasses

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