GIVEAWAY ALERT: Enter to Win CM Cooking Class w/Chef Nisa Burns

Today I am excited to announce Ginny’s Austin is hosting an extra special giveaway for TWO lucky readers to join Chef Nisa Burns at Central Market’s Cooking School on Saturday, January 19 from 5-7:30PM!

During her class, Nisa Burns, Chef and Author of Kitchenability 101: The College Student’s Guide to Easy, Healthy, and Delicious Food, will help turn novice into gourmand with her tips for creating gourmet dishes without breaking the bank (or the kitchen!).

The mouthwatering menu for the event includes:

  • Roma Tomatoes with Feta & Basil;
  • Strawberry & Goat Cheese Salad with Herb Garden Vinaigrette;
  • Lemon Cilantro Chicken; and
  • Nana’s Peanut Butter Pie.

For your chance to win one of two tickets ($50 value), all you have to do is sign up below! Winners will be chosen at random by 2 PM on January 16.

Enter the Kitchenability:101 Giveaway Here!

Don’t forget to also pick up a copy of Chef Burns’ cookbook Kitchenability 101: The College Student’s Guide to Easy, Healthy, and Delicious Food found here.

In her cookbook Kitchenability 101, Chef Nisa Burns addresses the challenges many folks, myself included, can relate. Like many college students and young professionals, I first began cooking after realizing eating out was neither a healthy nor financially feasible option. Since my cooking repertoire in college was comprised of a hodgepodge of pots and pans, a couple cookbooks, and a very limited knowledge of how to do much more than microwave a TV dinner or boil some ramen noodles, this was a problem.

Recognizing many young adults face similar challenges, Chef Nisa Burns started on her quest to help college students form a relationship with their kitchens that lasts well past graduation. Her mission clear, Burns crafted a ‘kitchen crash course’ to help college students learn how to create dishes that are easy and quick but flavorful and healthy at the same time. In addition to recipes for Chicken Mole and Gnocchi with Pesto, Kitchenability 101 includes shopping lists, budgeting tips, and other tips to make cooking as effortless as possible.  As an added bonus, each recipe comes with a QR code that directs readers to video guides by Burns herself. Though the cookbook is geared towards college students, Kitchenability 101 offers universally appealing tips and tricks for creating budget friendly, healthy dishes.

Join Chef Burns for her cooking class on Saturday, January 19 from 5-7:30PM. In addition to her Central Market Cooking Class, Burns will also be a featured guest at the Sunset Valley SFC Market on Saturday, January 19 as well as on the University of Texas campus.

**Winners will be chosen at random by 2PM on January 16.**

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