Lick Ice Cream

ICYMIT – Summer has officially arrived. It’s hotter than a cat on a hot tin roof outside with a forecast predicting many hot and sweaty days ahead. While standing in line at one of Austin’s finest Snow-Cone trailers is a tempting idea, here’s a better one: Lick Ice Cream. Since opening, Lick has received rave reviews from ice cream enthusiasts touting the shop’s creative flavors and quality ingredients. Prior to visiting, I was admittedly on the fence because let’s face it, everyone loves ice cream. How good could it possibly be? Answer: Simply amazing.


It’s hard not to be sold after walking into the cool, bright shop and immediately being overtaken with the aroma of fresh waffle cones. The wide assortment of untraditional options immediately presents quite a predicament for indecisive guests like me. My normal ice cream shop default is whatever dairy free options are available. Lick bases their vegan alternatives with coconut, which is a flavor I am sadly averse. After sampling almost every flavor in the case, I instead opted for one scoop of Caramel Salt Lick and one scoop of Honey and Vanilla Bean. No false advertising on the Caramel Salt Lick as there was plenty of saltiness in the sweet dish. Though the caramel was hard to beat, the honey and vanilla bean was perfection. The vanilla bean was creamy and rich enough to give Miss Belle a run for her money.  

Now a fully converted disciple of Lick, I understand what those devotees meant when they described their scoops as a whole new level of ice cream. The shop’s use of high quality, organic ingredients sets it apart. Each one of Lick’s artisanal ice creams starts with milk and cream from grass-fed Jersey cows. The Lick difference can best be summed up as this: you can really, truly taste each ingredient in each ice cream. For example, the Goat Cheese, Thyme, and Honey ice cream doesn’t have just a hint of thyme; it has a distinguished bold, savory herb flavor. This characteristic is a potential turn off on some of Lick’s more out of the box flavors such as caramelized carrots and tarragon or, in my case, coconut based flavors, but it’s a risk I am thankful Lick takes.


Lick Ice Cream. 2302 South Lamar, Austin, Texas 78704. 512.363.5622 Open Sunday – Thursday 12:30–10:00 p.m. and Friday – Saturday 12:30-11:30 p.m. Visit Lick’s Facebook for seasonal offerings.

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