Meat-Free Friday: East Side Kings @Hole in the Wall

Like many folks, I put aside my omnivorious ways on Fridays this time of year for six weeks. For the next six five weeks I will be highlighting where to find delicious, vegetarian (or pescatarian) dishes around town. While they might not all replace the lore of Franklin’s BBQ brisket, I assure they will, at the very least, be a much better alternative to the plethora of fish sandwiches that pop up on fast food menus this time every year. Today’s Meat-Free Friday dish of the day comes from East Side King’s Hole in the Wall location.

While East Side Kings is well known to serve outstanding vegetarian dishes such as their famed fried Brussels sprouts and beet homefires, the recently added Yoshi Mart Curry Buns have quickly become a new favorite. The crispy tofu flakes are somehow reminiscent those fried onion strings, but in the best kind of way. They are light and crunchy against the soft steamed bun. The buns are layered with a potato-ginger curry spread that is full of bold flavors and just a kick of spice. The first time I tried these buns I was actually pleasantly surprised by how much the curry flavor stood out. It would be easy for the spread to get lost under that heaping mound fried goodness. It would also have been just easy to throw in extra spice to make it pop, but instead the spread is bold yet subtle enough to create the perfect bite. Trust me, meat or no meat, an order of these buns are the best $5 you’ll spend all day.


Yoshi Mart Curry Buns - $5

Yoshi Mart Curry Buns – $5

East Side Kings @ Hole in the Wall, 2538 Guadalupe, Austin TX 78705.

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