Memorial (Dish of the) Day: Gourdough’s

Happy Memorial Day! And what better way to celebrate ‘Merica than indulging in a little goodness from Gourdough’s. I’ll admit I had reservations about the longevity of an eatery based around selling reinvented versions of a novelty breakfast item. But, one girl’s trepidation is another person’s American dream because Gourdough’s gussied up ‘big fat donuts’ have garnered national acclaim and quite the local fan base.  Now with a brick and mortar in addition to the trailer eatery, Gourdough’s offers a number of savory and sweet menu options with toppings ranging from pulled pork to grilled bananas. On this particular visit, I kept it simple with the ‘Miss Shortcake’ featuring a cakey donut topped with whipped cream cheese and strawberries. Gluttony at its very finest, this sugary, buttery treat may not be bathing suit season friendly, but it is worth every last delicious calorie.


Miss Shortcake - $4.50

Miss Shortcake – $4.50

Gourdough’s, 1503 South 1st Street, Austin, TX 78704, 512.707.1050.

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