National Grill Cheese Day + 24 Diner

24 Diner Grilled Cheese

Happy National Grilled Cheese Day! Truly, what’s not to love about melted gooey cheese sandwiched between buttery bread? While this childhood classic dish has inspired hundreds of variations over the years, a grilled cheese in its simplest form is rarely hard to beat. However, 24 Diner’s standout version proves sometimes reinventing the wheel is the best course of action after all. Thiers is still an uncomplicated sandwich, but gussied up by roasted tomatoes and high quality ingredients. Simple dishes are only as good as the ingredients used to create them, as demonstrated here. Fresh, delicious sourdough bread is crisped outside yet soft inside. Two types of salty cheese are melted between the lightly buttered bread. The dish’s real ‘secret sauce’ is the addition of roasted tomatoes. The thick cut and juicy tomatoes add a sweetness which juxtaposed against the savory cheese and slightly sour bread is delectable. For $8.95 it is a bit more than good ‘ole Velveeta and white bread but so very worth it.

Make it even cheesier with a side of mac and cheese…I don’t judge.

24 Diner Mac 'n Cheese

 24 Diner. 600 North Lamar, Austin, Texas 78703. 512.472.5400.

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