Record Store Day 2013: Song of the Day

Happy Record Store Day! In honor of this celebration of all things vinyl, today’s song of the day is ‘Ride On/Right On’ by Phosphorescent off the recently released Muchacho album. Performing under the name Phosphorescent, ukulele-playing singer/songwriter Michael Houck has long garnered acclaim for his heartbreaking lyrics and unique arrangements. After coming off of a taxing worldwide tour in support of 2010’s Here’s to Taking it Easy, Houck decided to do just that by embarking on a sabbatical South of the Border.

Let’s face it; Houck isn’t the first weary, road worn musician to escape to the shores of Mexico, only to return with an album filled with cliché tales of broken hearts and broken windows. While Muchacho does have plenty of tales from a troubled troubadour, these are balanced by energetic, up-tempo songs such as ‘Sun, Arise!’ and ‘Right On/Ride On’. Moreover, Houck also delivers hauntingly beautiful numbers such as ‘Song for Zula’ that stick with you long after they’ve ended. Whether it was simply a few good nights’ rest or inspiration found in the tiny Mexican town of Tulum, Phosphorescent’s latest release is a must listen, or in this case, must buy.

Pick up Muchacho by Phosphorescent at one of Austin’s finest record stores around town. For stockpiling my own collection, I usually can be found at End of an Ear or Waterloo Records, both which have a top notch collection of both used and new releases.

Right On/Ride On – Phosphorescent

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