Drink of the Day: San Jose Hotel

Boasting one of the most relaxing patios in town, sipping cocktails poolside at the San Jose Hotel is escapism at its finest. It is hard to believe this hotel once represented the seedy underbelly of South Congress prior to the street’s miraculous transformation not so long ago. Now that those gory days have become glory days, the San Jose Hotel offers a mini oasis from the hustle and bustle of South Congress’s crowded sidewalks. The modern, minimalistic lobby bar opens to an inviting (and generally packed) stone patio and pool area filled with the hotel’s hip clientele. The courtyard walls are covered in thick ivy and greenery for shade, which only adds to tranquil atmosphere. Bar offerings include beer, wine, and snacks such as cheese plates and edamame, but I highly recommend the house specialty ‘champassion’ cocktail. Be careful not to get too comfortable as these drinks do have a price tag to match the hotel’s luxurious surroundings. On popular afternoons the courtyard’s shaded areas fill up fast so visit before the summer’s sweltering heat official sets in to avoid a full-fledged makeup meltdown.

San Jose Hotel. 1316 South Congress, Austin, TX 78704. www.sanjosehotel.com

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