Summer Happenings: East Austin Hamburger Pop-Up

Scrumptious Chef RL Reeves, Jr. returns with another installment of his popular Chef Pop-up Dinner Series on Saturday, June 8. This week Reeves, Jr. is putting the official food of summer, the burger, front and center.

After researching a bit of burger folklore, Reeves, Jr. discovered the origins of the All-American dish can be traced back to four possible locations around the country. Since all four claimants present a good argument, the only solution is to play tribute to them all. As such, Reeves, Jr. will be flipping up all four ‘original’ variations of the All-American dish during this Saturday’s East Austin Hamburger Pop Up.

Each burger will be cooked exactly as legend has it, from the seasoning to right down to the pan. Naturally, the menu will include traditional burger cohorts such as green chili queso fries, peach cobbler and onion rings. In addition, there will also be plenty of Saint Arnold’s craft brew on hand to round this perfect summer meal.

The East Austin Hamburger Pop Up will be held at Tamale House East at 7pm on Saturday, June 8. More details about menu and burger history can be found here. To RSVP, go here.

Burger Pop-Up

Burger Pop-Up

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