Breakfast of Champions: King and Country

Every once in a while, I stumble across a dish at a restaurant that is so deliciously perfect, it becomes – in my mind – the touchstone by which all future similar dishes are compared. Such is what happened during a visit to a tiny diner in Brooklyn, NY a few years ago when I discovered an omelet to end all omelets. Since that time, my search to find an equivalent match in Austin has proved to be a sad and fruitless endeavor.

King and Country French Omelette

King and Country French Omelette

However, my search officially ended last week when an omelette at King & Country, a newly opened East Austin trailer eatery, washed away any residual longing for breakfast in BKY. Light, fluffy golden-yellow eggs were mixed with Parmesan cheese and expertly folded into a creamy French omelette. A flavorful blend of sweet and spicy homegrown peppers filled the inside of the delicate dish. Paired with Cuvee Coffee espresso, it was an incredibly satisfying breakfast I can’t wait to wake up to again soon. Continue reading Breakfast of Champions: King and Country

Eden East at Springdale Farm

Located on the grounds of Springdale Farm, Eden East offers multi-course menus inspired by seasonal, farm-fresh produce grown just a stone’s throw away. Eden East’s natural ambiance capitalizes on the picturesque setting of its surroundings. Set under a canopy of branches, the rustic ‘dining room’ is a long horseshoe of tables, which open to the restaurant’s mobile kitchen. Adding to the charm is a collection of chandelier-inspired lights floating overhead.

Eden East

Eden East

With locavore dining all the rage these days, it was only a matter of time before someone cut out the middleman and brought the actual table to the farm. It certainly comes as no surprise the force behind Austin’s first permanent farm restaurant is Chef Sonia Cote (Hillside Farmacy/East Side Showroom), for whom sourcing locally is not merely a passing food trend, but rather at the core of who she is as a chef.


Cheese Board

I recently had the opportunity to experience Eden East during a tasting event that included small bites of dishes one might find at a typical dinner. The star of the evening for me, of course, was a ridiculously delicious cheese and charcuterie board consisting of housemade jams and cured meats. The good bites continued with a bok choy salad drizzled in lemon olive oil and topped with house smoked pork jowl. Continue reading Eden East at Springdale Farm

(Dish of the) National Taco Day: Matt’s El Rancho

Happy National Taco Day! What you see below is a delicious trio of smoked chicken soft tacos from Matt’s El Rancho. The tacos, stuffed with tender chicken tossed in a smoky chipotle sauce, were a special of the evening, but like many of Matt’s best dishes, can be ordered as an off the menu special. Unlike the regular chicken soft tacos, these were topped off with queso fresca, avocado slices, and a drizzle of roja sauce. A solid dish that is now in the rotation of standard Matt’s El Rancho orders.

Smoked Chicken Soft Tacos

And though it’s . . . → Read More: (Dish of the) National Taco Day: Matt’s El Rancho

Summer Drinks, National Tequila Day Edition: El Naranjo

In honor of National Tequila Day, it’s only fitting to highlight one of my favorite tequila –based cocktails in town: the La Fresa from El Naranjo. This little glass of goodness, featuring Jimador Silver tequila, freshly muddled strawberries, agave nectar, and lime juice, has a nice balance of sweet and citrus flavors and packs a strong enough punch to get your evening started off right.

Forget the mixes and sweeteners; like everything the interior Mexican restaurant serves, El Naranjo’s cocktails are rooted in authenticity and created using high-quality, natural ingredients. For the true tequila connoisseur, El Naranjo’s menu includes . . . → Read More: Summer Drinks, National Tequila Day Edition: El Naranjo

National Grill Cheese Day + 24 Diner

24 Diner Grilled Cheese

Happy National Grilled Cheese Day! Truly, what’s not to love about melted gooey cheese sandwiched between buttery bread? While this childhood classic dish has inspired hundreds of variations over the years, a grilled cheese in its simplest form is rarely hard to beat. However, 24 Diner’s standout version proves sometimes reinventing the wheel is the best course of action after all. Continue reading National Grill Cheese Day + 24 Diner