After several visits to Banger’s on Rainey Street since its opening in early summer, I am still left on the fence about the sausage and beer eatery. On one hand, its concept, food, and overall potential make me weak in the knees. However, Banger’s also has a few issues it hasn’t been able to overcome that impede it from moving from good to great.

To start things off on a high note, let’s talk about the good. First off, it perfectly reflects the casual yet unique vibe of its Rainey Street neighborhood by offering expansive outdoor seating, a dark, open interior, and a separate dog park for four-legged friends. A beer drinker’s paradise, Banger’s has 100+ brews on tap, including a consistently rotating number of craft and local beers.

So many ways, so many Sausages

While there are a few non-sausage, beer friendly appetizers and sides, sausages reign supreme at Banger’s. Banger’s robust sausage offerings include everything from wild game, vegetarian, brats and more. Links can be ordered solo or as a sandwich. There are a handful of bread options, but I recommend choosing Kolache, which is sourced directly from the always delicious Kolache Factory. Topping offerings are equally as dynamic, ranging from traditional sauerkraut to caramelized onions, making the possible combination options endless. Along with its list of sausages and specialty sandwich combinations, Banger’s also offers several unique plates such as the ‘shrimp and grits’ combination featuring a bacon and shrimp stuffed sausage over creamy cheddar grits. I highly recommend saving room for dessert, specifically the outstanding Snickers ice cream. This pot of delicious can best be described as Southern dessert heaven. It brought back memories of my favorite summertime desserts of ice cream layered with honey and crunchy peanut butter, only much, much better.

Heaven in a mason jar

As I noted, this review has a ‘but’ to it. From my initial visit to most recent, service issues have consistently plagued my experiences at Banger’s. Continue reading Banger’s

Happenings: Lustre Pearl’s Final Spring Crawfish Bash this Sunday

Laissez les bon temps roulez! “Pass a good time” during Lustre Pearl’s Last Crawfish Boil this Sunday. With crawfish season coming to a close, this will be Lustre Pearl’s last bash of season. Be sure to get your Cajun fix before it’s too late!

The boil kicks off this Sunday, May 20 at 4:00 PM. Lustre Pearl is located at 97 Rainey Street, Austin, Texas 78701.  Cost is gratis.

Bomb Taco Truck

Keeping with this week’s Cinco de Mayo theme, it is only fitting to share about a recently acquired addiction to Bomb Taco Truck. Although I’ll admit to sampling a late night taco or two from the truck prior, my true appreciation for these tacos didn’t form until I acted on the advice of a fellow customer and ordered out of my comfort zone. While patronizing the fantastic White Horse Bar on Austin’s East Side, my friends and I joined fellow revelers in line to order a late dinner off the truck’s laundry list of options. It was there I noticed a woman braving the Saturday night bar scene solely for the purpose of Bomb Tacos to go. Considering Austin has no shortage of decent tacos in much easier to manage locations, I had to ask what drew her to the stand. Clearly she must live a stone’s throw away, but no she actually braved the hoop jumping of parking, cover charges, and crowds. We pressed for recommendations of her favorites and ordered accordingly. Acting on her advice, we ordered a few beef and vegetarian tacos along with a mini taco sampler plate. What we received were high quality tacos far surpassing their $3 price tag. The veggie tacos were fresh and flavorful enough to please herbivores and carnivores alike. My Campenchana taco was filled with tender beef, sweet pineapple, grilled onions, and generously topped with cheese. The mini taco plate wasn’t exactly a plate of tiny tacos, but instead a hearty plate of Al Pastor, cheese, and avocado big enough to fill five tacos. Confusion aside, it still did the trick. Overall, Bomb Tacos was, well, the bomb. 


Bomb Taco - $3

Bomb Taco Truck has two location:

White Horse Bar. 500 Comal Street, Austin, Texas 78702.

Lustre Pearl Bar. Rainey Street, Austin, Texas 78701.

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Budare’s Arepas

Nestled in a deep pocket of Rainey Street, it is almost easy to overlook Budare’s Arepas, save for its bright yellow sign. After one visit to the Venezuelan food trailer, however, and overlooking it won’t be a mistake made twice. Budare’s specializes in serving authentic Venezuelan delicacies like arepas, cachapas, and empanadas made fresh to order. I officially became hooked on cachapas after a recent sampling of the South American answer to quesadillas. A cachapa is a thick corn pancake made from fresh corn. Budare’s folds in a combination of cheese and meat inside before griddling them. The indulgent . . . → Read More: Budare’s Arepas