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I must apologize for my brief hiatus on the blog, but after Instragram was temporarily disabled on that fateful night in late June I recovered from the shock and awe by taking my addiction to a whole new level. (Follow me @ginnysaustin)


Just kidding – I have actually been swamped working on projects, job hunting, and taking a mini summer vacation to my summer happy place, Port Aransas where…

I did a little of this:


A bit of this:


And way too much of this:

[SlideDeck2 id=2794 iframe=1]


But, I have returned to reality and promise diligence in delivering all the food, music, and event news one could ever need! Stay tuned for a few new features including lists, maps, favorite foodie finds, N.S.W.H. (not safe when hungry) photos, and more! Please let me know about any other features you’d like to see more of (or less of!) because as always, feedback is more than appreciated. Email me at ginnysaustin (at) yahoo.com, connect via Twitter, Instragram, etc @ginnysaustin, or call me at 867-5309! Stay hungry my friends.


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